What does the white crystal mean?

Some consider this white crystal to be a master healer. The white crystals symbolize ends and beginnings. They represent the feminine gender and also symbolize birth and regeneration. White or transparent crystals have to do with cleaning and purification.

Take transparent quartz, for example, which is loved for its ability to amplify the energy of other crystals, or selenite, which is considered to be a cleaner for any space. To access the true potential of white crystals, you'll want to make use of their spiritual healing properties. White stones work wonders on the upper chakras; they enhance your psychic abilities and provide unrestricted access to the spiritual world. Most white crystals act as a spirit guide, connecting you to your higher self and protecting you from psychic attacks or other paranormal toxicity.

The white crystals symbolize beginning and end. They represent the feminine gender and also symbolize regeneration and birth. In addition, they will also act as excellent guides to the world, something that is beyond your own comprehension. White is a color of purity and innocence.

Crystals of this color represent a body and spirit free from toxicity and negativity. You can place your White Crystals anywhere you think needs the loving and cleansing energies of these crystals. For example, red is often associated with passion or strong emotions (think of expressions such as “hot red” or seeing red), so it makes sense that the meanings of the red crystal are intense and action-oriented. If you want to amplify even stronger, you can mix your white crystals with fluorite crystals to increase those psychic abilities and welcome the wonder of new beginnings.

Choosing crystals based on their color can help you support any intention you have to work with crystals. The more familiar you become with what each pigment represents, the less your journey to the crystal becomes knowing every intricate detail and more relying on the energy power of the crystal. Of all the crystals in the mineral world, white crystals are the ones that benefit the upper body the most. To increase your spiritual awareness and promote inner peace, white crystals and transparent crystals are very similar in their properties.

You can also use white crystals as you would any other gemstone, for reiki healing, crystal grilles or decorative ornaments. It is believed that these crystals are so powerful that they can act as energetic substitutes for any other crystal. He is also passionate about collecting crystals and deeply enjoys his vast collection of crystal jewelry. You can get selenite wands specifically designed to direct energy during reiki healing, selenite crystal dots or pyramids that are excellent focal points on glass grids, or a selenite cleaning lamp that is ideal for protecting and energizing the home.

There is no more protective and negativity-banishing glass color than a dark or black colored glass. This means you can choose what you want to focus your energy on, select a crystal for that, and then associate it with a white stone to magnify the effects. Whether you already have a white crystal or are looking for several white stones, these healing crystals will have profound effects on your ability to access the higher realms of consciousness.

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